Upcycled & organic lily & gus/Shanna's Tie Dye whale (medium)

Whales are handmade to order and will ship ~3-4 weeks after an order is placed.

We have a winning recipe for you!
1. Start with super soft 100% organic cotton 300 thread count percale
2. Add a dash of Shanna's Tie Dye rainbow
3. Blend in a bit of lily & gus pattern making ingenuity, super soft upcycled vintage jeans and sewing magic
4. Shake together and sprinkle in love, passion, and joy to taste

What have you made? A one of a kind, limited edition, heirloom, organic lovey for your little one (and let's be honest, you may also need one for yourself!) There will be a limited number of these made, make sure you get yours now!

Order your medium (12") whale using this listing.

You can see more of Shanna's work on her facebook page.