Liliana - Small handcrafted elf doll

$50 $40
Liliana is an elf who loves to study the night sky, she can navigate by the stars and always knows the best path for Santa's sleigh. She has a fancy skirt with a tulle underskirt for dress up days, but can go without it for work days. Her legs bend at the knee making her easy to pose on a shelf, and she is made out of super soft and cuddly materials! Liliana is made using upcycled and remnant materials making her an eco-friendly toy you can feel great about giving to someone you love. Liliana is made with love and care down to the very last stitch. She would make a great addition to your family's holiday traditions and a perfect friend for imaginative play!

Small dolls are 13" tall.

Each doll is handmade with high quality (often vintage or upcycled) materials in the most fun and snuggly fabrics we can find. All detailing is done by hand and everything is double checked for durability and quality. These dolls are intended to be loved for a lifetime.

These dolls are made for play, but as with all lily & gus toys they are handmade (sometimes with removable parts) and parental supervision is recommended with all small children. Please spot clean your doll with cool water whenever possible and lay flat (in the sun if you can) to dry. If machine washing is absolutely necessary, place doll in a lingerie bag or pillow case (tie it shut) and wash on gentle cycle with cold water and lay flat to dry. All accessories should be washed by hand.